About LSAF

In 1986, the Lincoln School Alumni Foundation was established primarily to work to enhance the educational opportunities of the youth of the Edwardsville School District 7. Over the past years, we have thrived and grown. We are proud of the assistance we have given other organizations in our community and to all segments of our student population.

Among our accomplishments are:

  • Awarding LSAF Grants and Jackson/Lucco Grants ranging fromĀ  $500 to $1000 each
  • Providing exposure to positive role models such as:
    • Harlem Globetrotters
    • Stage plays
    • Tour Black Chicago
  • Establishing and continuing to sponsor evening tutoring services
  • Sponsoring educational, cultural and entertaining programs to showcase local talent in sports and performing arts
  • Providing students with information on other scholarships and financial opportunities
  • Sponsoring chaperoned trips for students to Chicago and other places of interest in order to provide an experience with the broader world in an educational format
  • Conducting educational and informational workshops

The Foundation is recognized as a 501(C)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service and is governed by a Board of Directors.